Individual, organisational & societal change 

Our goal is to embed positive change on both the individual and the organisational level. Additionally, we seek impact on societal level and understand society as the sum of individual and collective efforts.
We fund exchange of professionals or volunteers who contribute to creative and innovative ways of cooperation and sharing of skills and knowledge. Learning is the primary outcome of our projects and this is done within health care; sustainable, social and green businesses; education and civil society.


Norec (FK Norway) engage in new partnerships and networks in order to discover the many possibilities emerging from a constantly evolving world. In this work we try to involve and mobilise existing and former Norec (FK) partners and participants. 

That is why we are proud to describe our work as a people-centred method for development, both in Norway and in our focus countries.

After all, what we want to achieve is increased competence, skills and values, something that is life-long and life-changing.

Norec (FK Norway) makes the world smaller