Norec's vision

The world is full of knowledge and skills. Through mutual exchanges, we teach each other to think bigger, live more sustainably, and build responsible local communities.

Norec's strategy

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Strategy 2022 english

Reciprocity - Norec's core value 

Reciprocity is an overarching value and guiding light for Norec. That a partnership is reciprocal - or mutual - means that everyone contributes to and benefits from it.

All parties are equal in a mutual partnership. Every actor has a say in processes and decisions that affect them. The partners must work together to shape the project and its goals, recruit and follow up participants, and maintain transparency with respect to budgets and the allocation of resources. They set their own goals, but as partners they commit to helping each other to achieve them.

Trust takes time to build. We know that reciprocity in a partnership develops over time. The trust that emerges leads to the sharing of responsibility, ownership of each other’s results and a shared understanding of the challenges. Reciprocity fosters respect, highlights each party’s contributions and ownership of their own objectives, and allows people to participate in the development of their own society.

 Norec's standards of behaviour

In addition to reciprocity, Norec has some standards of behaviour that both employees and participants are expected to abide by. They are formed as value pairs, and show how we are expected to tackle several dimensions at the same time:

Challenge and show respect. Be engaged and professional.