60% of the participants are female. The average age for the participants on exchange is 26 years, and 43% of them are within civil society projects. 

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What makes a difference?

"We often forget that the big-impact projects that involve many people begin with the efforts of just a few: a few who were given the opportunity to explore, to communicate and to let their ideas bloom." Read more from Director General Jan Olav Baarøy at page 3 in the Annual Report

"It is about people and communication"

Partner contact Vu Nguyen from Vietnam is very enthusiastic about the exchange programme. His project is within the private sector, and he says small companies can benefit highly from the exchange of personnel. 

Learn more about the results of the exchange projects through examples from our prioritized areas: Education, Private Sector, Health and Civil Society.

Youth leadership and participation 

Through networks and events, FK Norway reaches and collaborates with partners and stakeholders worldwide. One of these events is Youth Summit, which in 2017 gathered partner contacts within the Civil Society projects from 21 countries.

The event was followed up by the Youth Leadership Conference, which is an annual event bringing together young people from all over the world to engage in constructive dialogue on how to develop young leaders for the future. 

FK training 

Both partner contacts and participants respond very positively to the training provided by FK Norway. 96% say they feel better prepared for their exchange, for coming home and for being an FK partner. Most seminars/training took place in South Africa, Uganda and Thailand in 2017. 

Read more in the Annual Report 2017