FK Norway has the last years focused on recruiment of south-south exchange projects. Many of our partners see it as highly relevant to collaborate with other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and several of these projects are within existing networks of organisations. 

Organic Farming Promotion

Organic farming promotion programme supporting young people's participation in the agriculture as a tool for sustainable development.
The group of two Nepali and two Indian participants spend four months in Uttar Pradesh, India followed by four months in Makwanpur, Nepal learning about organic farming models, and engaging youth to participate in sustainable agriculture.

Improving quality of leprosy and disability services

The Leprosy Mission partners in Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar aim to continue to improve the quality of leprosy and disability services in their health centres and projects. The Leprosy Mission strives to overcome the physical, social and psychological effects of leprosy, empowering those affected to attain healing, dignity and life in all its fullness.

Development of youth leaders among vulnerable groups

The project aims at developing youth leaders from vulnerable groups (young sex workers, youth affected by HIV and drugs). The young volunteers and young health workers from these countries will interact with other volunteers, youth leaders and vulnerable groups learning their cultural diversity across the region and bring good practice, knowledge and experiences to be replicated in organisation and their home countries. 

Microfinance Development for Improved Livelihoods

Sharing of best practices in microfinance development for increased financial inclusion in Kenya and Ethiopia.

E-waste management

Create an innovative approach to e-waste management in Africa and operate two modern e-waste management facilities in Madagascar and Kenya.

Exchanging skills and ideas towards the realisation of human rights and democracy

A skills and ideas development exchange program, where the two organisations intend to enhance the realisation of human rights and democracy in Zimbabwe and SADC through executing their institutional mandates. This will be achieved through human rights investigation and documentation, election monitoring and observation, information packaging and dissemination, regional lobbying and advocacy, people to people solidarity, conflict transformation programmes and citizen mobilisation and engagement.

Small farming – a viable business

The project aims at equipping personnel from the two partners with knowledge, skills and attitude to transform small farming into a viable business. From this exchange program, WAVE focuses on attaining required knowledge, skills and experience to facilitate Farmers Producers Organizations – FPOs from DHAN Foundation while DHAN Foundation aims at acquiring necessary knowledge, skills and attitude on scientific goat rearing, household goat farm establishment and its operational management and gene conservation of local varieties of goat.

Performing Arts Development for Youth Employment 2017-2020

The project aims at building capacity in performing arts in order to diversify performing arts skills for future employability. The two organisations will share each others strengths to build youths' capacity. The focus disciplines of the project are circus, theater and urban dance.