FK Norway – Fredskorpset – has made a long journey. The first FK participants travelled to Uganda in 1963. At that time, Stortinget – the Norwegian Parliament – decided who to send on development projects. In the late 70s, we opened the first FK Norway office, and in the 80s the name FK Norway was established for the entire exchange programme.  

In 2000, we changed FK Norway into a partner driven organisation. The goal was now to get a mutual exchange of knowledgeable people through partners consisting of institutions, organisations and companies. In the period 2000 to 2018, we became an administrative body reporting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our core business was to allocate grants for exchange, guidance, training and follow-up. We put emphasis on solid and long-term partnerships based on reciprocity and trust. 

A New Time  

When the board in 2000 presented a proposal for a new name for FK Norway, it was because the participants no longer were deployed the same way as earlier. The name change did not get political support at the time, but the topic came back on the agenda in 2018. The organisation has been through a thorough naming process and we have decided on “Norec” as our new name. The name Norec stands for the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation. 

It was important to us that the new name should reflect that the organisation is a Norwegian state body operating in the international arena. We believe that Norec - Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation – fits well. We are an organisation that will not only implement mutual reciprocal exchange programmes but also build a national centre of excellence for exchange, networking and the development of young leadership.