Førde is the biggest city in mountainous Sogn og Fjordane County, famous for its stunning nature. It is uniquely situated within easy access of some of Norway’s largest cities, Bergen and Ålesund. Førde is the administrative center of the Municipality of Førde, which comprises a range of smaller towns and villages. Nestled in a picturesque valley, where the Førdefjord meets the river Jølstra, the city is well connected with its own airport, bus service, high quality roads and hotel. This makes Førde a bridge between the urban and the local – a globally connected and accessible gateway to Norway’s world-famous wild and untamed nature.

“Førde is a melting pot” said Mayor of Førde Olve Arild Grotle. “Many of its inhabitants have moved here from other places in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway and from abroad. So those settling here without having any ties to the area will have no problems finding friends and likeminded people.”

Mayor of Førde, Olve Grotle. Photo: Steffen Jonstad.

“The job market is large and versatile, and people are well educated,” he said, pointing out how Førde is an unusually busy city, despite its size. “Førde is the main city in the region and a lot of people commute in every day.”

The relocation of FK Norway from Oslo will be a further addition to this.

“I think it's great the more people decide to settle here,” said Grotle. “For Førde this also represents something new – a window to the wider world, a new addition to the labour market, new impulses and more diversity.”

Grotle also pointed out that Førde’s residents enjoy the best municipal services in the country. Based on an overall assessment in the quality of a range of services – such as schools, childcare and health services – Førde is the number one municipality in Norway, out of 422 in total, according to a recent survey by Kommunal Rapport, an outlet specialised on municipal matters.

FK Norway's Director General Jan Olav Baarøy is very pleased about moving to the city, which he believes will introduce a range of new and exciting possibilities – for the organisation as well as the partners.

Director General FK Norway, Jan Olav Baarøy.

“We have an opportunity to introduce our current partners to new partners in the western part of Norway, giving them a chance to work together to achieve the UNs sustainable development goals,” he said. “And we have been wonderfully received. The local population, politicians, business and organisations have wished us a very warm welcome.”


New contact information:

Visiting address: Firdavegen 2, 6800 Førde

Postal address: Fredskorpset, Post box 461, 6803 Førde

Phone number: +47 57 99 00 00


Text: Vilde Skorpen Wikan, Communications Adviser FK Norway 

Video: Martha Pukallus, Communications Adviser FK Norway