Tuesday afternoon, a day before the official opening of the UN conference BAPA+40 in Buenos Aires, a special report on Norec is being launched. The report is written in cooperation with UNOSSC, and will be presented by  State Secretary Jens Frølich Holte and the Director for UNOSSC during the event «South-South Cooperation in the Digital Era».

- This is an excellent opportunity to position ourselves internationally as a Centre of Excellence on South-South and triangular cooperation, says Senior Adviser Helge Espe. He has written the report together with consultant Astrid Scnitzer-Skjønsberg.

Helge Espe is attending the conference together with Director General Jan Olav Baarøy, as part of an official delegation from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Second United Nations (UN) Conference on South-South Cooperation, also known as BAPA+40, marks  the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking UN conference on Technical Cooperation between Developing Countries in 1978. The conference resulted in the roadmap for the development of South-South cooperation which has been applied since.

In this article you can read about how Norec works with South-South exchanges.  

Strengthening Norec's international position

The special volume on Norec is a part of the series «South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Action». Previously over 20 countries and institutions has written their report that on how they utilize South-South and triangular cooperation in their development work. 

You can read the report here: South South and Triangular Cooperation in Action: Norec

–  We were the first in Norway that made an approach to South-South cooperation and have actively been working in the field for 18 years. Both as facilitators for South-South exchanges and by supporting triangular cooperation with Norwegian partners.  The fact that we are now given our own report published by UNOSSC will strengthen our role as a relevant institution in South-South and triangular cooperation, says Espe.

There are several high profile representatives present at the launch: Uganda’s UN ambassador and President of UNOSSC, the Secretary General of the UN, Amina Mohammed as well as representatives from UNDP.

SUSTAINABLE GOAL 17: Global partnerships

The report outlines how Norec's model distinguishes itself from one-sided traditional aid by focusing on exchanges of staff, the individual and reciprocity. The model is centered around Sustainable Development Goal 17, that focuses on global partnerships for sustainable development.

– By focusing on partnerships that mutually exchanges both personnel and knowledge, the Norec model adds a special element to the sphere of development.  An important notion for Norec is that we all have something to contribute with and something to teach. This reciprocity is a unique way of thinking in international aid, says Helge Espe.

The report visualises the Norec model through several projects, from Latin-America, Asia and Africa, both in the public, private and civil society sector.

–It describes Norec since its beginning, our present model and how we will develop as Centre of Excellence in the future. It is an important stepping stone in making us relevant, not only for our own partners, but also for other actors outside our partnerships, says Espe.