Approximately 115 people from around the globe is gathered in Hurdal to participate at the fourth Youth Summit. All non-governmental organisastions that participate in youth exchange of volunteers through Norec are invited to spend a week to learn and network.  

25 various partnerships is gathered to discuss, learn and strengten networks with other partners who also work  through Norecs exchange model.

- The focus of Youth Summit is to offer a platform for networking for the partnerships, and to further develop existing partnerships, says Tora Toreng, NGO-coordinator for Norec. 

This is in accordance with the new mandate Norec received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) the 1st of January 2019. In the time to come, Norec will become a centre of excellence for international networking.




Before the Minister of International Development Dag Inge Ulstein formally opened Youth Summit Monday morning, he met with a selection of partners over breakfast. This was his first meeting with Norec as a newly appointed Minister. They described their exchange projects to an engaged and interested Minister. 

- Each and every day and across the world, our partners work to achieve Agenda 2030 and to improve their local communities. I am extremeley proud and happy that the Ministers first meeting with Norec was with our capable and skilled partners, says Director General, Jan Olav Baarøy.

The Minister of International Development praised the partners for their efforts to help and improve their local communities in his opening speech.



For the duration of the week, the partners will be fully occupied with an inspiring program with highly experienced speakers.

- The program is based on feedback from the partners, based on what they themselves feel they need in their cooperation, says Toreng. She highlights issues such as intercultural cooperation, cultur shock and communication as examples of the content. 

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