Almost half of her record was recorded at Trøndertun Folkehøyskole during her exchange in 2016, with her Norwegian band.

“My skills grew insanely after my exchange at Trøndertun!” says Assa. In addition to developing her skills further, she has acquired several new and useful lessons on how to handle practical issues in her career.

Assa admits that even though the road hasn’t always been straight forward, she is very happy to say that she has succeeded in living her dream. In August this year, Assa and her Norwegian band performed in Oslo, Norway. She is grateful for the network she got in Norway during her FK exchange and is happy to take lessons learned at Trøndertun, back to Mozambique. Assa’s vibrant personality and musical expression has contributed a great deal to her Norwegian band members musical advancement too. By supplying different types of skills and traditions, they have increased their musical competence.

The societal effects of her exchange have been many. Assa says that she is sharing the experience from her exchange through performance. “I explain how different I feel after my exchange through writing about lived experiences in my songs”.

The most prominent FK effect she had during her exchange was to discover how there is no right or wrong when it comes to culture – “I learned that my country’s culture is not always the right one. There are always important inputs from other cultures that should be integrated in to our lives”.

Therefore, Assa says that her best advice to upcoming FK participants is to have an open mind and to accept and respect differences in cultures. By doing so, she believes FK participants will have a more authentic understanding of their stay and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

What is your #myFKeffect?