- While on my FK-Exchange, I have gained transferable skills, which will meet the need for KyU to build administrative capacity and competence to manage international cooperation as well as international project administration. I believe that by the end of my one-year exchange, I will be well equipped to take on even more challenging tasks or initiatives in order to create change back home and my country at large.

There are many things Charity has learned during her exchange. Moving to a new country often see to that. Time management ethics is one. Working independently, taking initiative and voicing her opinion are other examples of how the FK exchange have contributed.

- Here in Norway, it is common to address each other using first names unlike the case in my home country, which is more formal, and title oriented. This was a little bit of a struggle for me in the beginning but have consequently acclimatized to it. 

Improvements of her project management skills came with the work of four international projects as well as her experience as Assistant International Coordinator with the department for Early Childhood Education and the department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education where she is responsible for incoming and outgoing exchange students. In October, she was the team leader for a Ugandan evening, an event organized as part of preparation for HiOA students going to Uganda for an exchange semester. Experiences such as these has given Charity the opportunity to work and interact with a broad range of people from different countries with different cultures, beliefs and languages. This in turn, has improved her cross-cultural communication abilities as well as her technical administrative skills.

- Above all, my FK exchange has introduced me to a new concept of global perspective, taught me how to work better in a cultural diverse environment and above all, it has greatly improved my efficiency at the workplace.

For those who are thinking about doing as Charity – take a year on exchange she says this:

- My advice to young people planning to go for exchange is that they should be ready to come out of the comfort zone, challenge the status quo, use their strength to compete with the former self. Make a decision to explore, acquire a new skill, acquire new knowledge, and possibly learn a new language! Lastly, share your thoughts, ideas and above all take initiative. And to achieve this, you must believe in yourself.

 What's your #myFKeffect?