In 2015 – 2016 Dineo participated in the PULSE project, an exchange programme between Field Band Foundation (FBF) in South Africa and Norges Musikkorps Forbund (MNF) in Norway. During her exchange, she experienced how music can be used as a tool to promote holistic health.  Dineo learned to use integrated methods for inclusive teaching and social cohesion and to understand health is not merely the absence of diseases, but as a state of physical, mental and social

- Being a participant in the exchange programme has been one of the biggest highlights of my life. I have not only experienced working in a different country, I have also discovered a lot about how the world, other countries and organizations are combating health related issues. Prioritizing and a clear understanding of tasks has helped me to maintain my work standard. Having a team to delegate tasks to has also been helpful in managing the work load and being able to cope through the exchange."

Back in South Africa Dineo now works an education facilitator in FBF. She contributes with equipping the FBF staff with tools such as teaching skills and methods, importance of implementing life skills to young FBF members and an understanding how the work of the Foundation contributes to empower young leaders who will be able to contribute to a vibrant society.

In FBF “life skills” refers to basic tools that helps the development of its members. Examples of a life skill can be emotional resilience meaning the ability to bounce back from difficult situations. Fellowship is another important life skills used in terms of working together as a team and supporting each other.

 - The only way to change circumstances around the world is to build relationships and understanding the purpose your serve in being part of a better world tomorrow. You are never ready for what will come on the exchange unless you experience it and make the change you want to see one step at time.

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