- I've been working as the manager of this company since March 2016, and I manage our operations, train the staff and try to make the whole business self going. We have currently reached out to an estimated 33,000 people using a myriad of different approaches and see that our efforts lead to income generating activities, job creation and enhanced opportunities for locals.

Kumudzi Kuwale means Light in the Village and is a social-for-profit enterprise which aims to bring solar power into the rural areas of Malawi. The enterprise is a result of the partnership between Nkhotakota Youth Organization in Malawi and Flora Upper Secondary School in Norway.

 97% of the poulation in Nkhotakota is not connected to the eletrical grid. 

- This lack of electricity has widespread consequences and serves as an impediment for development,» Jon says. «After sunset, it is hard to do anything, studying for instance, without light. The alternatives lead to health and environment hazards. Kerosene lamps give smoke and burning wood leads to deforestation. Solar power is seen as an ideal way to improve lives and facilitate development.

Solar panel

On a personal level Jon says that he has learned to see things from a different perspective and that he has been more calm and relaxed. 

And his best advice to future FK participants?
- Just do it. Don’t wait.

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