For one year Wenlian used his skills from China while learning new skills in the Norwegian job market. “I have gained new knowledge and so many important experiences in my field of specialty. But I think the most important skill I gained was good communication and team work”.

In Norway, he had the pleasure of experiencing the positive effects of international cooperation. Today, he insists on cooperating across sectors and countries, in order to keep his company up to date and advance in technology. Wenlian is certain that there is no other way of succeeding than taking lessons from others and adapt and integrate new cultures. That is the only way to make progress.

After being on FK exchange, he started his own company, Hunan Hengkai Environmental Protection, in China. Today he has over 1000 employees and the company is perceived as one of the most well-known environmental companies in China. In recent years, Wenlian has sent three engineers from his company on FK exchange to Norway. He can already see how the exchange has made new opportunities and progress for his employees. “Both for me and my employees, the FK exchange has contributed significantly in developing the company and we recognize how this is an advantage for us” says Wenlian.

“#myFKeffect has been many. To manage a company is not always easy. I meet challenges every day. With the experience from my FK exchange I have learned how to keep an optimistic attitude in challenging situations. It made me stronger and I developed innovative ideas which has contributed in making my company more adaptable to a rapidly changing industry” says Wenlian.

What’s your #myFKeffect?