My exchange has made me understand individual differences, qualities and experiences that makes us who we are, and that, essentially, people need people

Currently in Harare, Zimbabwe, Marte is participating in the programme Young Advocates for Change 2017 (YAC). Working at YAC gives her an opportunity to use her leadership skills to engage in advocacy work at community level. This way arenas for young people are created to freely discuss issues that affects them and to feel empowered. Marte delivers training and reaches out to new members and stakeholders.

The programme offers personal development and life-changing experience to the participants as well as supporting African communities to make positive changes for young people. It is based on the African Alliance of YMCA’sphilosophy of Subject 2 Citizen (S2C). The S2C initiative is designed to unlock the potential of young people and equip them with the skills and confidence to transform themselves and other young people. 

Marte holds a degree in Development and African Studies. With this exchange programme she believes she is one step closer to her goal - a career within the development sector. Her exchange has given her a better understanding of individuals and diversity, conflict management skills and the value of team work.

This experience has been life changing for Marte. Her advice to young people who want to go on an exchange programme is to believe in yourself, your commitment, courage and confidence. Believe that the positive change is achievable. Believe that you can develop and train others to change. “And that we together can change the future of our communities, countries, continents and the world.”

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