The Connect youth exchange programme wants to raise responsible young leaders who take new initiatives and engage in developing their organizations and societies. The main focus is to help the participants increase their competence in intercultural communication, human understanding and tolerance. The project also seeks to give participants a greater understanding and knowledge about mission and development work.

During his exchange Ruphin learned about opening his mind and to see things from different perspective. After his return to Madagascar he has been using this knowledge in helping the poor youth.

Sky Sound Team

Ruphin moved to Toamasina to attend university. The town of Toamasina is one of the most dangerous towns in Madagascar, with a sky-high unemployment rate. Due to Ruphins knowledge in multimedia, he set up a small studio. Lots of the young boys in the area came to his studio to make music.

The Sky Sound Team was established by Ruphin in 2015 to support juvenile delinquents. Uneducated and unemployed, they often turned to robbing and other crimes. The Sky Sound Team aimed to create jobs for the poor youth.

The Sky Sound Team is a studio where they are able to learn about multimedia and to do it for a living. It can be music video production, photography, or doing event films like for example wedding films.

In the beginning Sky Sound Team consisted of six people, now they are fifteen.

- The first time they were in my studio I did the work and they watched. Then little by little they started to do the work, and now I let them do it. Some of them have always wanted to be an artist, but have never got the chance.

Ruphins vision is to develop his country, Madagascar, by giving hope to the young people. That be by sharing experiences, creating jobs and helping the youth to develop.

- When you return after the exchange programme, you should observe, then start making something happen to your country. To fill the blanks by using your experiences gained from your FK exchange because we are the future of this world, so, we should not wait for somebody else to do it for us!

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