The exchange programme was based on a course in cross-cultural communication and international work. He had classes at the Hald International Centre in Mandal and did internships in Oslo. While in Oslo, Thiago worked with students through Laget, and with marginalized people on the streets and in prison through Maritastiftelsen.

Doctoral candidate
After his return to Brazil, Thiago still participated in activities related to the exchange, such as teaching students about the UN Millennium Development Goals. Today Thiago is a doctoral candidate in Law and a tutor in Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford.

- Learning more about different cultures and improving my English skills gave me the confidence to start an international career. In addition, I took several classes at Hald on international development, which influenced my decision to combine my previous knowledge of Law, my interest in social justice, and a new passion for transnational issues. This combination led me to pursue a master degree in international human rights law, and I continue to work in this area. A clear example of the impact of the exchange in my life is the fact that I first studied about the UN Millennium Development Goals at Hald and now I am teaching about the same topic in Oxford.

Learning about different cultures while living together with students from all over the world, becoming fluent in English and deciding to study human rights after the exchange are the most important things Thiago learnt during his exchange with FK Norway.

- I wanted to participate in an exchange programme for a long time, but my family did not have the means to support me in such endeavors. Consequently, without the crucial support given by Fredskorpset, and everyone involved in the exchange programme, I would not have been able to spend a year abroad learning about different cultures and improving my language skills. In this way, the exchange programme was fundamental in helping me to start a career in international human rights law, an area which allows me to put into practice the values I learnt in Norway.

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