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Logo and graphic profile

  • The Norec name
  • Describing Norec
  • Main logo​
  • Logo colour – Norec Dark Grey​
  • Logo – Minimum protective area​
  • Logo lockup​
  • Logo lockup variants
  • Norec logo lockup – Placement
  • Do not
  • Norec symbol​
  • Minimum size logo versions​
  • Colour palette
  • Norec Dark Grey​
  • Support colours
  • Support colour usage​
  • Logo - files

The Norec name

We use the abbreviated form, Norec, as our main name in both Norwegian and English. Norec should be written with uppercase N, followed by lowercase letters; Norec. It should not be written in all capitals (NOREC).

When you include our name in a text, please write the full name the first time you refer to us, then proceed to using the abbreviated form.

For example:

The project is supported by the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec).

Describing Norec

Please use the following text to describe Norec:

"The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec) is a national center for international exchange. Norec is an agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Norec facilitate mutual exchanges of personnel between businesses, organisations and institutions in Norway and Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Norec is based in Førde, in Western Norway. Norec employs 40 staff."

We kindly ask that you mention us when you communicate the project that we finance, both in internal communication, or with journalists/external actors.

Main logo

The Norec wordmark is one of the main identifiers of our brand. It has been specially designed to achieve individuality, harmony and balance. The wordmark holds our distinct “E”, symbolizing our role as a center for exchange cooperation. Its rounded style reflects the human quality of our organization, whilst the capital letters gives us presence and solidity.

There are certain rules to follow when using the Norec logo and these are outlined below.

Note! Do not use the logo in any other variation than the way it is described here.

The wordmark version, illustrated here, is the main version of the logo and should be used in most cases.

Please read about the different logo versions in the sections below. All the different logo versions are available to dowload here as vectorized files (.ai and /or .eps). The folder named "screen" include .png and .svg-files, for use on screen and in MS Office applications.

Logo colour - Norec Dark Grey

It is essential that the integrity of the Norec logo is maintained at all times. It is threfore forbidden to reproduce it in any other colour than specified. (Norec Dark Grey and negative/white).

The negative version may be placed on imagery, but the image must always allow for maximum legibility of the wordmark itself.

norec logo colour


Logo - Minimum protective area

The logo has a defined area in which other visual elements cannot intrude. This protective area is defined by the height of the “N” as shown in this illustration. This is to ensure good visibility for the logo and to avoid a crowded impression. Do not let type, graphics or other elements interfere inside this area.

Always strive to use more clear space than the minimum protective area when possible. This goes especially for formats where only the logo is present.


Logo lockup

The logo lockup consist of two parts: logo + signature (full name). It should be used in instances where where you need to communicate both logo and full name.



Logo lockup variants

The proportion between the signature and the symbol are different in the different versions. The logo being the cornerstone, dictates the size of the signature.

The vertical version of the logo lockup is made to work in formats that are narrow and tall, where the logotype would be too small with the main version. Examples would be vertical banners, the sleeve of a jacket etc.

The horisontal version of the logo lockup is made to be used in more extreme wide formats where the main logo not will be suitable and the logotype not legible. For example wide banners, both digital and analogue.

Please respect the min. protective area (described below), and do NOT scale the elements seperately.



Norec logo lockup - Placement

The stacked signature can be moved in a horisontal line to the right of the or in a vertical line below the Norec logo. Please respect the protective area of the logo.

Note! The clear space between the logo and signature is shown at a minimum and should not be overruled.



Do not

The logo versions should NOT be altered in any ways, and should only be used in as they appear in the original files in the download section. Do not change the colour or position of the logotype, and do not scale the elements individually or separate them. Please respect the min. protective area and to not add other / new elements and type within that area.



Norec symbol

Our distinct ‘E’ from the Norec logo is available as a symbol representing "exchange". This is a secondary device and can be used for decorative purposes, but should always be used with the Norec logo and/or signature in close proximity in order til build recognition and to make sure the recipient knows that the symbol is from Norec. In keeping with our positioning you can be more informal with this device.

The symbol is our most simple and stilistic identitfier, wich makes it a good choice for small size identity carriers like social media profile images, favicons, webclips, app-icons etc.



Minimum size logo versions

The logo variants are designed to be representable and readable in small sizes. Still it is important to pay attention to the quality of production and print when choosing the size. The reference point is set with the height of the “E”-symbol; the absolute minimium size is 16px in height.

For the vertical logo lockup the absloute minimum size is 40px in height.

With poor reproduction and print techniques, make sure that the logo is readable, and if necessary scale it up.

Favicons that show in your browser and micro icons that preview in Windows are extremely small and require special editions of the symbol.



Norec Dark Grey
CMYK 0 0 0 90
Pantone Black 7 C
RGB 57 56 57
Hex #393839


CMYK 0 0 0 0
RGB 255 255 255

Norec Peach
CMYK 0 55 55 0
Pantone 1635 C
RGB 246 141 111
Hex #F68D6F

Norec Sand
CMYK 15 15 20 5
Pantone Warm Gray 2 C
RGB 204 197 187

Norec Dark Grey

Norec Dark Grey should in all instances replace the use of black. Lighter tints of the Norec Dark Grey can be used in the text on the website, as well as a back-ground colour in text and info boxes.



Support colours

Norec Peach and Norec Sand can be used as support to Norec Dark Grey in headings, graphic elements, icons, infographics as well as background colours in text and info boxes. They can be used as lighter tints, but only as flat colours and never as gradients.
Overusing the support colours can get very overwhelming, and is not recommended.



Support colour usage

The Norec logo variants is always in 100% Dark Grey or negative/white regard-less the background color.





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Vi bruker informasjonskapsler til å forbedre din brukeropplevelse og for at vi skal forstå hvordan du bruker våre nettsider. Mer informasjon

Vi bruker informasjonskapsler til å forbedre din brukeropplevelse og for at vi skal forstå hvordan du bruker våre nettsider. Mer informasjon