Hopp til hovudinnhald




All Norec exchange participants about to return to, or who have recently returned to their home countries at the end of their exchange shall attend Norec’s homecoming training.

The main purpose of the homecoming training is 
to identify and reflect on results achieved, and competences acquired during their stay abroad, and how to share these results and new competences when they return home. 

During the training we go through the following modules:

  • Communicating your exchange
  • Identifying experiences and new learning 
  • Coming home; challenges and opportunities
  • Thematic workshops
  • Registration

    Registration will be open 3 months before the training starts. We will send the sign up link to the coordinating partner. The coordinating partner is responsible for submitting names and contact information for each participant within the deadline, about 5 weeks before.

    Shortly after the deadline Norec sends a digital pre-training to each participant. This contains a few tasks that should be completed before the training.

  • Details

    The e-learning should be completed before the training starts. The meeting will take place in Zoom, where we will do a combination of plenary sessions, break out rooms and individual exercises. Make sure to check your camera, sound and make sure you are located in a calm and suitable room.

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