The main purpose of the preparatory training is to prepare the participants for living and working in a new culture. The training is mandatory for all participants in Norec’s programs and consists of two parts. First, you will be enrolled to an e-learning course five weeks before we meet Sunday 19th January in the afternoon to start the training.

During the training we go through the following modules:

  • Being a Norec participant
  • Communicating your exchange
  • Intercultural adjustment in the Norec role
  • Health, safety and security
  • Global Understanding
  • Registration

    Upon approval of your Norec project, we will send a sign up link to the coordinating partner. Registration will be open from mid November 2022. The coordinating partner is responsible for submitting names and contact information for each participant within the deadline 10th of January 2023.

    Shortly after the deadline Norec sends a digital pre-training to each participant. This pre-training consists of important information about Norec, the participants role and responsibilities, a checklist and an overview of the onsite training.

    At the same time we will send out a link for transport registration to get picked at the airport as well as dietary requirements for the stay. Make sure to submit these details two weeks before the training starts.

  • Travel arrangements:

    Upon registration its the coordinating partners responsibility to facilitate the purchase of flight tickets.  Norec covers full board from 18th to 25st February. Extra nights before/after the training must be covered by the partnership. This means you will need to get approval from your program advisor first for these extra costs.

    If you need a visa and hotel confirmation letters, contact your program advisor or Norecs training team via training@norec.no.

  • Details

    Travel costs are funded through the CA budget, covered by the partner.

    We will make sure that the hotel will follow Coronavirus guidelines regarding hygiene etc.

    If you need a confirmation letter to obtain visa, or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Norec training: training@norec.no.