About the feasibility study

The first step for applying for an FK exchange project, is to apply for and conduct a feasibility study. During the feasibility study the partner organisations meet and work together on developing their FK exchange project. The feasibility consists of an introductory seminar or a workshop with advisers from FK Norway present, and a partner meeting. FK Norway approves a grant to cover the partnerships' expenses related to these activities.

How to apply

The application consists of two documents. Please study the Feasibility study guideline (A10) carefully before submitting your application.

Feasibility study application (A01) 

Feasibility study budget (A02)

Please submit the application documents to your designated case handler in FK Norway. If you have not yet been in contact with FK Norway, you may send the application documents to 


After completing the feasibility study the partners shall report their results to FK Norway:

Feasibility study activity report (A03)

Feasibility study financial report (A04)

Send the completed reports to your designated case handler in FK Norway. The reports must be approved by FK Norway before an application for a collaboration agreement is processeed.    


The following document contains detailed information on the purpose of the feasibility study, as well as budgeting and reporting guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact your designated case handler.

Feasibility study guideline (A10)

FK definitions (A14)

Example of self-declaration (E19)