All participants take part in a one week training at the beginning (Training 1) and at the end (Training 2) of their exchange and a Norec e-learning before leaving home. In the beginning of a potential new partnership, representatives from each partner organisation are invited to a three-day introductory seminar. When partners who have signed cooperation agreement, coordinators from each partner organisation are expected to take part in Norec Partner training. Managers and other relevant partner representatives may also benefit from this training.


Norec Training part 1

The purpose of the one-week Norec Training 1 is to prepare the participants for the exchange. In addition to an introduction to the Norec model, its principles and values, this includes communication, health, safety and security challenges related to living and working in a different cultural environment. Global issues and power relations are addressed, with a special focus on how the exchange may contribute in a larger development context.

Norec Training part 2

At Training 2 we prepare the participants for returning home; hopefully to a long-term contribution and engagement in the work-place as well as in the local community. The participants are encouraged to identify and express new personal and professional learning and experience; how results from the exchange may contribute to the sustainable development goals, and how to communicate this on returning home. Potential challenges related to re-integration after a year on exchange are also addressed, offering a set of tools or strategies to meet these challenges and turning them into opportunities.


Introductory Seminar

During the feasibility phase, Norec offers an Introductory seminar. The purpose of the seminar is to provide assistance with developing the collaboration agreement and kick- start the partnership. For some, this is the first time that the new partner organizations physically sit down together and plan the exchange.

Partner training

The focus of the partner training is to give a proper introduction to Norec; model, principles, values, framework and regulations. As a successful exchange rests on proper preparing and follow-up of the participants, topics related to leadership, mentoring and inter-cultural communication are addressed. Global understanding and power relations are discussed, with a special focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Norec partner training is compulsory for all contact persons, but each person will only attend once.

Norec Training Part 1, Part 2 and Norec Partner Training run normally run parallel in Bangkok, Johannesburg or Kampala. The trainings go from a Sunday afternoon until the farewell party on the coming Friday. Arrival at the venue will therefore be on Sunday morning, with departure on the following Saturday.