Preparatory course

Partner organizations are responsible for organizing a minimum two-week preparation course for all participants. The main learning objective is that the Norec participant shall have sufficient knowledge and be emotionally prepared to live and work in a new cultural setting, and to achieve the goals for the exchange programme. Norec's course guidelines includes a minimum of objectives/content that must be covered and some topics that may be covered if possible. Partners may offer other themes/topics and objectives as a part of the training courses, in addition to these minimum standards.

FK Youth Camp

The Youth Camp is a preparatory course organized by Norec that compliments the partners own preparatory courses. The main learning objectives are related to participants getting to know Norec and understanding their role as FK participants, facilitate networking between participants and projects, and ensure all Norec participants have been introduced to some significant topics, namely development issues, intercultural communication, and leadership development.

Home coming seminar

All participants must go through a home coming seminar upon their return from exchange. The partners are themselves responsible for organizing this seminar which must include sessions on debriefing and sharing experiences, tools for reintegration, evaluation, and follow-up.


Norec's Youth Summit

The Youth Summit is a bi-annual event organized by Norec where Norec Volunteer-partners get to meet, learn, and share experiences. The different partnerships have annual partner meetings and every other year these are held in connection with the Youth Summit.

Partner gatherings

For coordinating partners located in Norway, Norec organizes two partner gatherings every year. At these meetings partners get to know each other, share experiences and best practices, and provides Norec with valuable input. From time to time, Norec also organized regional partner gatherings in the South.