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Norec has an ambitious vision. We believe that the knowledge and skills gained through the exchanges will create positive change. But nothing happens if we don’t communicate. We need to spread our knowledge, raise the questions, inform our audience and share our ideas.

“Fostering leadership for global justice, creating change on the ground and in our minds”

But how? Communication happens always and everywhere, it is when you post a funny or interesting moment from your working place on Instagram, it is when you tweet about the new solutions you have found, the pictures you post on Facebook for your friends, the skype conversation with you parents, the 30 seconds at the bus stop with an old friend, your blog, the presentation, the letter to the editor, the brief encounter in the elevator, the snap, and the discussion late at night.

How can you communicate in such a way that those around you understand and want to know more? And how do you avoid reiterating the most common stereotypes or clichés?


Have you thought about which means of communication you want to use during your stay in order to increase you impact? Is there any preparation you should do before you leave? Taking a photography class online, create a blog or a dedicated Facebook- page? Is there a social media workshop you would like to attend or any other preparation you could do before you leave?