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When you attend an Norec training, you meet people from various countries and disciplines, with a multitude of perspectives and perceptions of reality. Your opinions and attitudes are challenged, and you get the opportunity to discuss your most profound convictions. You explore various ways and means to communicate, cultural stereotypes are revealed, and your values are tested. Global issues such as poverty, inequality, and the role of civil society are addressed and debated, and while internationally acknowledged lecturers and facilitators introduce the sessions, it is often during the interaction between the participants that new insight and understanding develops.

It is our ambition that everyone attending an Norec training will have a useful and unforgettable learning experience.

The courses take place in Kampala, Oslo, Johannesburg and Bangkok, and your partner will decide which venue is most convenient for your project. During the training you will live together with people from various nationalities and cultures, and you will meet Norec staff and other lecturers and facilitators.

We look forward to seeing you there!