Logo and colours: 

Please follow the link below to download our logo and colours. Please read the rules connected to the use of our logo and colours carefully. If you have any questions, please contact your Norec contact person or someone in the Communications team. 

Everything considering our logo and colours

The name:

We use the abbreviated form, Norec, as our main name in both Norwegian and English. Norec should be written with uppercase N, followed by lowercase letters; Norec. It should not be written in all capitals (i.e. NOREC)

When you include our name in a text, please write the full name the first time you refer to us, then proceed to using the abbreviated form. For example:

Describing Norec:

Please use the following text:

We kindly ask that you mention us when you communicate the project that we finance, both in internal communication, or with journalists/external actors.

Our slogan:

Change Through Exchange.


We do not longer use the term FK participant. You may refer to them as Norec-participants/exchange participants or simply participants. If you have your own name for the participants, that is also fine.

Contact information:

Postal address:  
P.O. Box 461 
6803 Førde 

Visiting address:  
Firdavegen 2 
6800 Førde 

Phone: +47 57 99 00 00 


Website and social media:  



Instagram: norecno 

Twitter: twitter.com/norecno 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/norec 

Vimeo: www.vimeo.com, search for «norec»