The partnership must apply for a collaboration agreement and a round 1 agreement in order to start a professional exchange project. A collaboration agreement normally consists of 3 round of personnel exchange. In their application to Norec, the partnership should explain the expected results of the exchange project and how they will cooperate.

Exchange project application

Collaboration agreement application

The collaboration agreement is a memorandum of understanding between Norec and the coordinating partner on behalf of the partnership. The agreement is based on a project description that presents what the partners aim to achieve through the exchange, and a partnership agreement where they divide roles and responsibilities amongst each other. The application for collaboration agreement consists of the following two documents:

Partnership agreement (B16)

This agreement defines the partners' responsibilities towards each other and should be signed by all partners.

Overall project description (B01)

The overall project description describes the expected results of three rounds of exchange, and how the participants will be followed up throughout the project period.

Round agreement application

Norec provides a grant to cover costs related to the exchange per round of exchange. The round agreement describes which activities will be implemented by the participants, and how the costs will be covered. The round agreement application consists of two documents:

Round agreement application (C01)

This documents specifies which activities will be implemented by the participants in the coming round, and how these will contribute to bring about the expected results of the project as defined in the collaboration agreement with Norec.

Round budget (C02) incl financial report (C04)

The budget specifies the costs related to the exchange round. The budget template also contains a template for the financial report.

The application documents should be sent to the partnership's designated case handler in Norec.


If the partnership needs to make changes in the project design, budget or expected results, it may be necessary to submit a written application to Norec. These changes should be explained in one of the following two templates, and sent to the partnership's designated case handler in Norec.

Collaboration agreement amendment application (B03)

For amendments related to change in partnership constitution or the project's expected results

Round agreement amendment application (C05)

For amendments related to length of exchange, duration and/or financial aspects


All partnerships that have completed an exchange project have a designated case handler in Norec. You will find the contact information to your case handler on our list of employees. Your case handler receives all application docuemtns and reports, and is available for professional guidance on planning and managing the exchange project.

The following guidelines will help you plan the exchange project and fill out the application documents:

Professional exchange application guideline (B10)

Guideline on result management (B13)

Definitions (A14)

Example of self-declaration (E19)