General advice for partners

As an FK Norway partner, you are responsible for recruitment and follow-up of FK participants before, during and after the exchange. This involves obtaining the necessary work and travel permits, organising travel, as well as professional and social inclusion and guidance in the workplace.

FK Norway have a number of partners that have shared their best advice on how they manage the exchange. In this guideline, we have gathered essential advice that will help you to get the most out of your FK exchange project.

Professional partner guideline (C10)

Trainings for participants and partner contacts

FK Norway offers trainings to ensure that the participants and partners help the project achieve its goals. FK participants attend trainings before they go on exchange, and before returning to their home organisation after the exchange. Our trainings prepare them both how they can maximise their learning and share competence with colleages after their return.

Please find more information on our trainings here.


The following documents will give you practical information related to the recruitment and follow-up of FK participants.

Contracts of Employment (C13)

Service Manual (C16)

Guidelines for FK Participants (C43)