Reporting after completed exchange round

The coordinating partner should report to Norec on activities, results and expenses after each round of exchange. The reports are due 6 months after the completion of the round. 

Results Report (C06)

Describes implemented activities and how they have contributed to the project's expected results as defined in the Overall Project Description.

Round Budget incl Financial Report (C04)

The report should be based on the round budget that the coordinating partner has received from FK Norway. The report should document actual expenses compared to planned budget.


Your case handler in Norec can give advice on how the project should be monitored and guidance on completion of the reports. In addition, we have developed the following guidelines that may be of use.

Professional partner guideline (C10)

A practical guidelince on planning and management of the exchange round.

Professional exchange reporting guideline (B11)

Guideline on the Results Report (C06) and Financial Report (C04)