Minister for Aid and Development Nikolai Astrup announced the change of name together with Director General of Norec Jan Olav Baarøy during the official opening of the new offices in Førde, 16 August 2018. 

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Norec will be a resource centre for exchange, networking and development of young leadership. Norec will build on FK Norway’s 55 year-long history and expertise within exchange and international cooperation. The name change highlights that Norec is a governmental actor working on the international stage. 

“The goal is to make the organisation a more integrated part of Norway’s work in the development sector,” Astrup said during his opening remarks. 

“The organisation will continue evolving and become a resource centre for development cooperation in FørdeThere are leading international businesses and organisations in the western part of Norway, large clustered cooperative processes and a future-oriented private sector industry that Norec will draw benefits from.” 

Minister for Aid and Development Nikolai Astrup and Director General Jan Olav Baarøy.

Norec: A Resource Centre for International and Interdisciplinary Exchange 

The employees have extensive knowledge of and insight into the subject field, derived from their close and long-term working relationship with participants and partners. 

“Norec will bring together a large and diverse set of actors from the private sector, organisations and institutions from within and outside Norway. They will exchange staff to help strengthen each other mutually,” said Astrup. 

“Cooperation is fundamental to achieve development in the world, not just across borders, but also across sectors and public/private actors. The exchange programmes will be developed so that participants contribute to the subject-knowledge both during the exchange and when they return to their own societies,” he said. 

Norec will continue building on the culture that shaped FK Norway – characterised by innovative ideas, challenging conventional wisdom and critical thinking around development. Early on FK Norway realised that one must approach development and aid broadly, strive to understand complicated causal processes and wider effects and that focus must be placed on mutual development and cooperation. For this, FK Norway is the leading actor within Norway for facilitating triangulated cooperation and south-south cooperation. 

This has now become a foundation for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, adopted in 2015. Norec is proud of its history as FK Norway, a history shaped by having been a leader in its field. 

New location improve access to competence and field of experts based in Western Norway 

Moving to Førde is part of the government’s work in strengthening different labour markets and the connection between various geographical areas in Norway. It also contributes to shifting focus away from Oslo and over to the resources and opportunities that exist in the rest of the country. 

“Some of our new employees were here for their first day of work last week. We have now gotten to know each other and seen that this will work well,” said Director General Baarøy during Thursday’s opening in Førde. 

“And some of our employees came along from Oslo, and we are very happy to have with us a range of people who have meant a lot to us and will continue to do so in the coming years.” 

It has been a year since the announcement that FK Norway was to move to Førde. The organisation has maintained its regular activities throughout the moving process. The transition from Oslo to Førde has been efficient and without any major obstacles. This is thanks to the dedication of old and new employees. 

“We have been doing a hidden trial-run during the last two weeks” said Baarøy. “We have tested this and found out that this is going to work very well.” 

“Today, FK Norway is in its best age,” he said. “55 years-old, recently moved into fresh new surroundings, well received from the new neighbours and ready for taking on new assignments as Norec.”