Norec has over 50 years of experience in coordinating the exchange of personnel between workplaces across different countries and cultures. We know that, through the exchange of personnel, knowledge is challenged, changed and created, and understanding and tolerance increase. By training both the exchange participants and their coordinators thoroughly before and after the exchange, we ensure that the competence will be transferred to the rest of the workplace. In this way, the organization becomes stronger and can deliver better services in its local communities. Therefore, this is our vision:

The world is full of knowledge and skills. Through mutual exchange we teach each other to think bigger, live sustainably, and build responsible local communities.

Norec’s strategy in brief

For the strategy period 2019– 2022, Norec has three goals:

  • To stimulate the use of exchange in international cooperation
  • To consolidate Norec as a competence center
  • To be a driving force in the use of modern working methods.

Download Norec’s full strategy paper here.