Raleigh International Tanzania, Raleigh International Nicaragua and Raleigh International Nepal
Nepal, Nicaragua and Tanzania
2018 - 2019
1,169,560 NOK

About the project

Through this exchange project, the Raleigh Tanzania Society (RTS) and the Raleigh Nicaragua Society (RNS) will be empowered to increase the number of young people engaged as partners and leaders in the design and impelemntation of youth-led campaigns that support the achievement of the global goals. Delivered with the support of Raleigh International Tanzania (RiT) and Raleigh International Nicaragua (RiN), the exchange will enable a three-step process, where our soceities are facilitated to: - Develop skills in programme design, implementation and leadership. - Utilise Raleigh International (RI) tools and processes for conducting formative research and behaviour-centred design, the results of which will be used to develop youth-led campaigns, which contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. - Cascade the learnings from the exchange project wider among members of our national societies in order to refine and implement our newly designed campaings in our home countries.