Hørselhemmedes Landsforbund (HLF) and Montfort Education Center
Malawi and Norway
2016 - 2019
7,493,700 NOK

About the project

Exchange of knowledge between Montfort Special Need Education Centre (Montfort) in Malawi and Briskeby Upper Secondary School (Briskeby), to assure that children With hearing loss will be identified by screening in Malawi and given the opportunity to use their residual hearing. Important is transfer of audiological knowledge to key-personnel in Malawi. The aim is better education and integration in the local communities in Malawi and Norway.

The exchange project between Montfort Special Need Education Center and The Norwegian Association for Hard of Hearing benefits children, students and the teachers. Audiologists from Norway go on exchange to Malawi to share their knowledge on how hard of hearing children can be early identified and given the opportunity to use their residual hearing. This might lead to more education and better integration in local community.

Read article about the project in Lilongwe, Malawi 

The specialist teachers from Malawi learn and share teaching methods at Briskeby in Norway. The institutions learn from each other as they have different technical aids available. One of the ripple effects of involving Malawian teachers at Briskeby, is that the students get training in speaking English and improve their language skills and gain more self-esteem.

The Norwegian students also learn more about how it is to have a hearing loss in Malawi. Through cultural studies they learn more about the daily life in the country of heir teachers.

Watch the video from our visit at Briskeby: