Norec finances and facilitates the exchange of professionals and volunteers between organisations, institutions and businesses in Norway and countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through innovative collaboration, our partners share knowledge, learn from each other, and build stronger bonds of cooperation.

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How to proceed:

  1. Find a partner

    Norec supports exchanges between organisations and businesses in various countries. If you have an established partner or have identified an organisation or business that you would like to cooperate with, much of the initial work already lies behind you.

    If you still haven´t located a cooperating partner that you can exchange staff or members with, get in contact with us, we might help you.

  2. Apply for a feasibility study

    All exchange projects are based on an initial feasibility study. Read our guide and if you need more information, get in contact with us.

  3. Carry out the feasibility study

    If your feasibility study application is approved, you will be granted financial support to visit your potential cooperating partners and receive further guidance through our intro seminar involving all coordinating partners. introseminar  

  4.  Establish a exchange project

    If the feasibility study proves the project viable, you can continue developing the project through cooperating and guidance from our staff. This includes establishing a cooperating agreement, recruiting of participants, guidance and training. You will receive more information during our intro seminar.  

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