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Emergency plan

11. mars 2024

Having an emergency plan is crucial when organisations host foreign workers on work exchange. This ensures that the worker and the organisation have critical contact details in order when needed. It also makes sure how to respond with unforeseen events like natural disasters, crime, health challenges, small or serious and accidents.

It is the responsibility of each organisation to ensure the safety and security of the workers they are hosting. Each emergency plan should be tailored to the specific country, risk and needs of your staff. This template is based on what Norec require from the organisations involved in a work exchange between two or more partners.

This document is a template specifying the minimum required information and should be scaled and modified to fit the setting the organisation(s) and participants are in during the exchange project period.

The organisation(s) may also submit or refer to their own specific emergency plans. A brief should be given by the organisation at the start of each assignment and each part should have their own copy of this plan.

The plan is in word format. Feel free to edit, change and adapt it to your own organisation or project.