Plumtree Development Trust og CEMCOD - Center for Media Literacy and Community Development
Uganda og Zimbabwe
2017 - 2018
342 080 NOK

Om prosjektet

This youth exchange program between PDT and CEMCOD is meant to expand opportunities for young people to participate in civil society and public life and empower them to transition from a culture of exclusion and silence to one of political inclusion and active participation in matters of public concern. By recognizing youths as dynamic agents of change and as capable of finding diverse and innovative responses to community challenges, spaces of youth interaction like this one can provide opportunities and best practice for youth direct participation in decision making at various levels as well as facilitate improved intergenerational dialogue to allow for sharing of locally relevant ideas and youths’ capacity building for the future. In this way, youths will be strategically positioned to contribute towards sustainable community solutions to community challenges at all levels, from grass root community power structures to national policy development as well as regional integration