The mission of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE-Centre), based in Kenya, is to safely manage electronic waste for sustainable development. The partner in Madagascar is Vohitra Sarl, a company offering solutions adapted to the local economy while preserving the environment.

Within the framework of staff exchange, both companies will learn from each other by discussing ideas and joint research about the handling of e-waste for a green, safe and healthy environment. This is particularly relevant for the creation of new ways of collecting, recycling and safe disposal of e-waste. The companies will cooperate in creating innovative practices for waste management related to urban mining, in hopes that this may provide both companies with the opportunity to scale up their businesses.

WEEE-Centre and Vohitra Sarl will also campaign together to inform the public about the environmental and health risks posed by electronic waste. It is hoped that these campaigns will stimulate greater awareness among the public for the need to safely manage electronic waste; at the same time, it will potentially create more demand for the services of both companies. Finally, WEEE-Centre and Vohitra Sarl will work together on policy input for the adoption of relevant regulations by the national governments in their respective countries.