Hopp til hovudinnhald

Emergency plan

Having an emergency plan is crucial when you travel abroad, organize an event or if you host foreign workers on work exchange.

A good plan gives both the home organisation and the workers peace of mind and a guide on what to do and who to contact if unforeseen events like natural disasters, crime, health challenges, small or serious and accidents occur.

We have added two versions of emergency plans you can use for inspiration. 

The first form is a emergency plan template we share with our partners. They work in a partnership where one partner sends personell to the other. The receiving partner (host organisation) is required to have an emergency that should include contact information and descriptions for what to do in variouos situations.

The second emergency plan is was used by Norec used during our week long training in Kathmandu (Nepal) with 70 participants. Feel free to download – but remember that it must be tailored for your context.