Hopp til hovudinnhald


Here you will find resources that are useful for institutions that have employees, volunteers, or students staying abroad, whether through work or studies.

Essentials of anti-corruption

Self-paced courses for basic literacy on corruption and anti-corruption in general and for various sectors. Several of the courses are open for everyone to take.

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Training Project management

Security assessment for employees (SAFE)

Before every trip outside Europe all Norec all staff must must review and complete a risk assessment form for the trip (SAFE). This must be submitted to the immediate manager for approval. Feel free to adopt the template.

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Guide Template Project management Travel safety

Travel Risk Map

The International SOS Travel Risk Map is a global representation of medical and security risk. You can enter your travel destinations and get updated risks related to security, health, climate change and mental health.

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Guide Project management Travel health Travel safety

Living abroad helps you develop a clearer sense of self

Researchers have found out that living abroad can lead to a clearer sense of self, which has implications for personal well-being and professional choices. They also found out that depth matters more than breadth.

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Report Intercultural communication

Recommended travel health resources

When it comes to travel health advice, there are some reliable sources you can turn to for guidance. Here are some of our recommendations.

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Guide Travel health Travel safety

Big Five Personality Test

Before relocating to live and work in another country, taking a Big Five personality test can be beneficial. Here’s how you can utilise it.

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Learning tool Intercultural communication

Country comparison tool

This great tool lets you select one or several countries to see how Hofstedes 6 cultural dimensions differs among them.

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Learning tool Intercultural communication

Emergency plan

Having an emergency plan is crucial when organisations host foreign workers on work exchange or if you organize an event. Feel free to use and edit Norec's templates and make it your own.

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Template Project management Travel safety

Pocket Guide: Support survivors of gender-based violence (GBV)

Norec has a zero tolerance policy on Sexual Explotation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH). We have selected some good resources that we recommend to both Norec partners and others who work with SEAH in the humanitarian sector. Here you will find a pocket guide from IASC.

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Guide Project management Travel safety

Security awareness training

BSAFE is an online security awareness training that is mandatory for all UN personnel. Norec staff must undergo this training before they travel outside Europe, and we also recommend that others use it as part of their travel preparations.

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Training Project management Travel safety