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Security assessment for employees (SAFE)

All Norec employees who have business trips outside Europe must have undergone the BSAFE e-learning. In addition, employees must complete this risk assessment for the journey (the SAFE form). The form must be submitted to the immediate manager for approval. Feel free to adopt the template.

  • Guidance to Security Assessment For Employees (SAFE)

    It can be difficult to determine whether an assignment or area is at risk. Some assignments are obviously associated with risk, while other conditions can be perceived as borderline cases between safe and unsafe. Moreover, the security situation can change quickly, from being safe to being exposed to risk.

    It is therefore important to have a conscious relationship with any relevant threats or vulnerabilities that may arise. Awareness of risk is good prevention. Good awareness is established by carrying out a “Security Assessment for Employees” (SAFE).

  • SAFE is a tool to make employees aware of

    • What can go wrong? What is the threat picture?
    • What can we do to prevent or avoid this?
    • What measures can we take to reduce our potential vulnerabilities to the threats?
    • What can we do to reduce negative consequences if this happens?
    • Have we done “everything”, and not, for example, compromised for reasons of economy or comfort?
  • In practice

    In practice, this means that prior to delegation or business trips with one or more other travelers risk-prone areas, according to the instructions, a “SAFE” must be carried out. It must be assessed in SAFE whether a safety course is mandatory for the assignment. Compulsory, practical courses deal with safety during travel and assignments, while the implementation of a SAFE is in itself preventive.

    “SAFE” must be approved by the immediate manager before the assignment or journey is carried out. SAFE should also be carried out if there is any doubt as to whether the assignment or journey is at risk. Then a well carried out SAFE will be able to provide good arguments and a good basis for why a journey or assignment should be carried out.

    Print this guide and carry  out SAFE as described.