Henrik Nordal from Førde has been appointed to ensure that 52 milliard Norwegian aid kroner are used in the best possible way.

“It’s extremely exciting to be part of building the evaluation department for Norwegian aid in Førde. I want the department to help ensure that Norwegian aid money is used to promote a more stable and sustainable world,” says Nordal.

In March, it was announced that the government would move the evaluation activities of Norwegian aid from Norad in Oslo to Norec in Førde.

Eight people applied for the position of director of the department in Førde. After a thorough process with the recruitment agency Mercuri Urval, Nordal was selected. The 45-year-old is originally from Molde but lives in Førde with his wife and children.

“Our goal is to conduct first-class evaluations that are relevant and provide insights for learning among the politicians who make decisions and those who carry out Norwegian humanitarian and development work,” Nordal adds.

Experienced in public administration and foreign affairs

“Nordal has the skills and experience we were looking for: analytical abilities, international experience, and a clear and confident leadership style. He can establish and develop the evaluation department. Additionally, his familiarity with Norwegian public administration and politics is a plus,” says Jan Olav Baarøy, director of the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec).

For the past five years, Nordal has been responsible for regulating the Norwegian gambling market at the Lottery and Foundation Authority. The Norwegian gambling market has an annual turnover of 53 milliard kroner. In 2023, the Lottery Authority was named the world’s leading regulatory authority for gambling operations.

Nordal also has extensive work experience in intelligence and foreign services, including in Sudan, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. He also has a background in intelligence related to Norway’s military involvement in NATO and UN missions.

120 Applicants for Evaluation Adviser Positions

In early June, Norec advertised for advisers/senior advisers for the evaluation of Norwegian aid. A total of 120 people from both Norway and abroad have applied to work in Førde. Jan Olav Baarøy, director of Norec, is very pleased with the applicant pool.

“There are many highly qualified individuals who have applied. They bring a diversity of backgrounds and experiences that are relevant to the tasks,” says Baarøy.

The task of evaluating Norway’s efforts in development and aid currently lies with a separate evaluation department in Norad. On 2 March, Development Minister Anne Beathe Tvinnereim announced that the evaluation department with its nine positions would be moved from Norad in Oslo to Norec in Førde.

A total of at least 15 positions will be relocated from Oslo to Norec in Førde. The remaining tasks to be moved are yet to be determined.


About Norec:

The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec) is an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with three main tasks:

  • Managing exchange projects between Norway and countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Working to get more Norwegians into the UN and other international organisations.
  • Acting as a competence centre for international exchange.
  • Previously known as the Fredskorpset, established in 1963.
  • The agency was moved from Oslo to the small western town of Førde in the former Sogn og Fjordane in 2017 by the Solberg government.
  • Along with the move, the agency was renamed Norec and given a new mandate as a competence centre.
  • Norec has offices in Førde and employs around 45 people.