The first six months of 2022 have been quite busy at Norec. Here is a brief overview of the new partnerships that have been established with Norec during the first half of the year.

— We are thrilled to see that so many completely new partnerships have taken advantage of Norec’s funding opportunity, says NGO Section Leader Sille Lukowski. 

In contrast to the pandemic period when few new agreements were signed, partnership activity has seen a strong resurgence during the first two quarters of 2022. 

— We weren’t sure how much could be accomplished in the two-year period without physical exchanges. But we have put in a good deal of work during the pandemic, and we’re seeing the fruits of that now, says Lukowski. 

Many partnerships chose to operate digitally during the pandemic when it was unadvisable to have physical exchanges. Most of these partnerships have reapplied for and received new partnership agreements, so that now, staff from the partner organisations can finally engage in real, in-person exchange.  

— We have a large portfolio of partners whom we know quite well, who have had long-standing partnership agreements with Norec. At the same time, it’s vital that we work continuously to reach out to more new partners who can benefit from Norec’s model of competence and expertise exchange, says Lukowski.  

Partnership agreements:

The following list provides an overview of the brand new partnership agreements made in the first half of 2022. That is to say, new partnerships that have never had previous collaboration with Norec, or partnerships that have now secured significantly longer agreements than they had before. 


Partners: Helse Bergen HF – Kamuzu Central Hospital 

Agreement Period: 2022–2025 

Partners: Helse Bergen HF – Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital / Sefako Magkatho Health Sciences University 

Agreement Period: 2022–2025 

Partners: Helse Bergen HF – Mnazi Mmoja Hospital 

Agreement Period: 2022–2025 

Partners: Høgskolen i Molde 2022 – Patandi Teachers’ College of Special Needs Education (PTC) 

Agreement Period: 2022–2023 (1 ½ years) 

Partners: KFUK-KFUM Global –Stiftelsen Amathea – YMCA Kenya – YMCA of Ethiopia – Youth Peace Makers – Tanzania
Agreement Period: 2022–2026 

Partners: WAGGGS (first five-year agreement)
Agreement Period: 2022–2026 

Partners: Association of Workers for Alternative Rural Development (AWARD)–Community Development Programme Sindhuli (CDPS) Nepal
Agreement Period: 2022–2024 

Partners: DataDrivenFinance AS – DataDrivenFinance Kenya Ltd.
Agreement Period: 2022–2024 

Partners: Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM)–Farmers Association of Community Self Help Investment Groups (FACHIG) Trust
Agreement Period: 2022 

Partners: Raleigh International Tanzania – Raleigh International Nepal – Raleigh International Nicaragua
Agreement Period: 2022–2025 

Partners: Youth Alive! Kenya – Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education–Youth Empowermend and Transformation Trust
Agreement Period: 2022–2025 

Partners: Destined Youth Initiative Kenya (DEYI-K) – Inkululeko
Agreement Period: 2022–2023 

Partners: NORCE Norwegian Research CentreUniversidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
Agreement Period: 2022–2024 

Feasibility Studies:

The following partners have completed, or are in the process of completing their feasibility studies: 


Partners: Society for Underprivileged Families – Emowering Women of Nepal 

Partners: University of Pretoria – Rural Enterprise Trust of Zimbabwe 

Partners: Youth Sport Exchange Program (NIF) – EduSport – Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) – National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Research (NOWSPAR)

Partners: Jaintia Shinnomul Songstha (JASHIS) – Shramik Bharti 

Partners: SALT Lofoten AS – The International Union for Conservation of Nature – Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute Organisational – Lanka Environment Fun

Partners: Scandinavian Water Technology – Collaboration Engineering Solutions and Products Ltd

Partners: Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted – African Union of the Blind

Partners: Small Producers Development and Transporters Association (SPRODETA) – Shalom Development Organization

Partners: Malthe Winje AS – Carera-Ederer & Tiger Ltd – Turani Hydropower Limited 

Partners: Global Compact Network – Global Compact Network South Africa – Global Compact Network Ghana

Partners: Oslo University Hospital – Addis Ababa University

Partners: Peace Rehabilitation Center Milaan Be the Change

Partners: K-Rep Development Agency – EBO Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Ltd 

Partners: Port Florence Youth Initiative – Centre Marembo Organization