Partnership is a widely used term in the field of international development and development aid. But through overuse, the concept has become a buzzword, often used to describe relationships regardless of their reciprocity, according to the report.

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  • A buzzword

    The term is often used for most relationships in the development aid and international development sectors, regardless of how the co-operation is actually organized in practice. Partnership is a buzzword without any specific meaning.

  • Norec partners support the principle of true partnership

    Most Norec partners endorse and enact the underlying principles of partnership, and have a common understanding of the concept.

  • Skewed power dynamics are rarely reported among Norec partners

    Norec partners expressed that skewed power dynamics were not a significant issue in their exchange partnerships. However, from the practical examples given in their interviews, this may suggest limited awareness of (or reluctance to report) those power dynamics.

  • Norec achieves partial success with the partnership concept

    Norec uses the concept of partnership diligently in guidance documents for its applicants, emphasizing qualities like mutual ownership, reciprocity, and co-operation. But Norec fails to specify how to put this concept into practice in measurable ways.

Article: Partnership is a buzzword that lacks meaning