This south-south cooperation and exchange program aims to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Bangladesh and Nepal by empowering youth leaders, volunteers, and health workers.

There is a pressing need to strengthen SRHR, particularly amongst youth, in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Nepal. Sex education, reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, STDs and HIV are sensitive issues that are not discussed openly in the region. Nevertheless, young people need to be equipped with knowledge and skills about SRHR in order to protect themselves from STDs and to secure adequate health and well-being.

The young volunteers from these countries will interact with youth from the local population, learning their best practices and increasing cultural diversity across the region. This newfound expertise in the field of SRHR will be replicated in the home organisation and in the home country upon the volunteers’ return. The volunteers will also increase access to online events for those seeking support about psychosocial, sexual, or gender-based violence, domestic violence, drug use counseling, or Covid-19.

This exchange program will also aid the organisations in developing partnerships and sharing resources about project managment and financial management.