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Norec's Ethical Principles

The work of Norec is based on equity, solidarity and reciprocity. At the core of these values lie our ethical principles. Participants, partners and employees are all ambassadors of Norec and shall act in accordance with these ethical principles in their work and in their relation to others.

We are culturally sensitive

We familiarise ourselves with local laws, culture, moral codes and traditions, and show respect in these matters through our behavior.

We respect human dignity

We show respect, through our behavior, to all individuals, regardless of race, gender, religion, colour, national or ethnic origin, language, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, political conviction, or any other distinguishing feature. We do not accept any form of harassment, abuse, discrimination, or any form of reprehensible conduct.

We are accountable

We consider the environmental consequences of our actions. We do not use our position to obtain benefits for others or ourselves. We have zero tolerance for corruption and other financial irregularities, and we report unacceptable circumstances or behavior.