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Feasibility Study

About the feasibility study

The first step of any new exchange project supported by Norec is to apply for a feasibility study with your potential partners. The feasibility study must be completed and approved before you can apply for a Collaboration Agreement.

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  • The feasibility study includes:

    • a digital introductory seminar conducted by Norec 
    • a partner meeting to identify the potential for collaboration between partners. This meeting may be digital, physical, or a combination of the two.
    • other meetings with Norec, as needed
    • development of routines of communication and decision-making within the partnership
    • preparation of the activity report (A03) and financial report (A02-A04) for the feasibility study
    • preparation of application for a Collaboration Agreement, to be sent to Norec
  • After the feasibility study, the partners will have:

    • learned more about Norec, the grants available, the Norec model and Norec’s values, and the commitments required for an exchange project.
    • developed the dynamics of cooperation between the different partners, helping them to get to know each other better. They should also understand the roles and responsibilities of each partner in undertaking such a project together.
    • identified the potential gains, opportunities and risks in the potential collaboration.
    • developed their project idea and learned how to craft a strong project description.
    • prepared an application for a Collaboration Agreement.

Who can apply

Norec supports international partnerships, in and between countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Norway. Applicants must reside in Norway or in one or more of Norec’s partner countries.

We accept applications from:

  • Civil society organisations
  • Public institutions
  • Private sector companies
  • Multilaterial and global organisations

Before you apply, read the Call for Proposals for 2024/2025.

  • To apply, the applicant must:

    • be a legal entity
    • collaborate with a partner in one of Norec’s partner countries.
    • have the necessary professional and administrative expertise and capacity to implement the project
    • have a realistic project idea to be further developed in the feasibility study
  • Norec will assess the applicants' capacity to:

    • guide and support their employees on exchange
    • work in a partnership with good cooperation
    • achieve their objectives
    • administer the project financially

Application forms

The application for a feasibility study consists of the following documents. The documents cannot be password protected.

The following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • Registration document
  • Signature rights
  • Statutes
  • Latest audited consolidated annual financial statement
  • Latest annual report
  • Self-declaration on organisational conditions and practices (E19 – template)
  • Valid certificate of registration for the audit firm that has audited the annual financial statement
  • Document/authorisation from the government/local authorities that the organization can receive transfers of money from abroad (where this is necessary)

Send all documents to your programme adviser at Norec.

If you have not been in contact with Norec previously you can send the documents to norec@norec.no.


Here are some practical guidelines about the planning, implementation and reporting of your exchange project. Use these guidelines as you fill out your application.


Once the feasibility study has been completed, the partnership must report on the project’s expected results. The report is comprised of two documents:

  1. Financial report, which is located at tab 4 in the same document as the budget template (A02-A04)
  2. Activity report, which you can download below (A03)

Send your report directly to your programme adviser at Norec. Reports must be approved before Norec can process an application for a Collaboration Agreement for an exchange project.