The experience as a junior expert at the UN gave Siril a head start on an international career.

Siril K. Herseth started as a junior expert in the Secretariat of the UN Department of Politics in New York in 2014. Among other things, she coordinated the point of contact between the UN Secretary-General and his Deputy Secretary in connection with all meetings, telephone conversations and their travels.

—It was intense, demanding and educational! I got a unique insight into big politics and conflict resolution, says Herseth.

After two years in New York, she went on to the UN liaison office at the African Union in Addis Ababa. In Addis Ababa she was responsible for reporting in South Sudan and Somalia.

—I attended many meetings, including in AU’s Security Council. For a while, I got to be a special assistant to the head of the office, which meant much more responsibility and a step up in rank.

When she finished as a junior expert, she was employed by the UN in South Sudan. After a while, she moved back home to Norway and got a job at Save the Children Norway.

—I got that job based on my experience from the UN system, says Herseth.

Today she is taking a doctorate at Cristian Michelsen’s institute, where she conducts research on peace mediation in South Sudan. It is directly related to what she worked with at the UN.

—My experience as a junior expert has therefore been a clear advantage for my entire career.