The SMILE exchange aims at engaging youth as young leaders to be involved in local and international development issues and to take leadership roles in the organisations as well as within wider society to advocate for positive changes. The participants from Udaudo Nepal will share best practices about informal education, and the team from ACCD in Vietnam will share their sustainable local community solutions.

Through the project “SMILE – Sharing Meaningful Initiatives on Leadership and Empowerment” the partners have several stated goals. For Udaudo Nepal the volunteers will gain new knowledge and increased skills in engagement of other youth, and aqcuire skills on how to deliver workshops. ACCD wishes to enhance their own capacity to organise events for children in school, and their capabilities in outreach and communication with the local schools regarding those activities. Their mutual goal is to implement new initatives as they strengthen youth leadership in Vietnam and Nepal.

The partner organisations have two independent models for the development of young leaders, which they will reinforce through knowledge-sharing during the exchange. Udaudo Nepal have special experise in using youth as volunteers in educational programmes, while ACCD in Vietnam has a focus on mentorship through local projects.