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Collaboration Agreement

Now that you have completed your Feasibility Study and it has been approved, you can apply for a Collaboration Agreement with Norec.

New partnerships can apply for 1 – 2-year agreement
Norec will assess the applicant’s ability to:

  • guide and support their employees on exchange
  • work in a partnership with good cooperation
  • achieve results
  • administer the project financially

Partnerships with existing agreements with Norec can apply for 2 – 3-year agreement
Norec will assess the following when existing partnerships apply for a new agreement:

  • Participant guidance and follow-up
  • Partnership cooperation
  • Results in the partnership
  • Financial management
  • Project development

Partnerships who have received support from Norec for more than 5 years can apply for  3 – 5-year agreement
Norec will assess the following when partnerships apply for a project for more than 3 years:

  • All of the above mentioned points
  • Reciprocal learning in the partnership – how the organisations use learning from the partnership and former Norec projects
  • How the exchange project contributes to organisational learning

All projects will also be considered as a part of the Norec project portfolio.



For projects starting in 2025,  Norec must receive applications by 1 June 2024

Important: All projects must complete a Feasibility Study before applying for a Collaboration Agreement.

Application documents – Collaboration Agreement

Applicants must design a project that will promote institutional cooperation, strengthen organisational capacity, and increase the exchange of knowledge and competence.  Physical exchange of personnel is a requirement when possible, but can be combined with virtual exchange.

How to apply

The overall project description forms the main part of the application. Use the project description to introduce the cooperating partners and provide information about the exchange and the project’s expected results. The documents can not be password protected.

Documents included in the application:

Documents required from all the partners in the partnership

  • Self-declaration of organisational conditions and practices (download)
  • Certificate of registration
  • Signature rights
  • Tax statement
  • Statutes
  • Latest annual report
  • Latest audited consolidated annual financial statement
  • Unaudited financial statement no more than three months old
  • Valid certificate of registration for the audit firm that will audit the Norec funds

Documents that must be submitted if the application is approved

Emergency plan (download)
Participant contract of employment

Application documents – round description and budget

A collaboration agreement is divided into rounds. A round description can show, among other things, what activities, tasks, and assignments participants will undertake to achieve the goals of the project. The partnership submits a round description and budget for each round to Norec. A round can last between 3 and 18 months.

The following documents must be included in the application:

Documents required from all partners in the project:

  • Most recent annual report
  • Latest audited and consolidated financial statements
  • Valid company documentation for the auditing firm that will audit the Norec funds
  • Unaudited/draft financial statement no more than three months old

Reporting – round

The partnership is responsible for reporting on results and finances during the project period. The coordinating partner must report activities, costs and results in the project after each exchange round. After each round, they must also submit a consolidated audit report of the Norec funds on behalf of the partnership.

How to report:

The round report is due one month after ended round, while the financial report is due four months after the round has been completed.


Here are some practical guidelines to guide you in planning, implementing, and reporting on your exchange project.


Amendment application

If the partnership wants to make changes to the project, it may require a revision. The partnership can clarify this with the responsible program advisor in Norec. If necessary, the partnership must send an amendment application. If the changes affect the budget, the partnership must submit a revised budget together with the application.

The following document is included in the application:

Result report

The partnership is responsible for submitting a results report after the final round of the exchange programme.

The results report should outline the attainment of expected results as described in the results framework.

Please refer to document below, C05-Results report.

The report will describe which activities have been carried out, and how these activities have contributed to achieving the objectives of the project.

Based on the grant budget from the Collaboration Agreement, here you must document actual costs as compared to budgeted expenses. You must also provide an external audit for the contract period.



Here are some practical guidelines to guide you in planning, implementing, and reporting on your exchange project.