Solidarity Brigades is an exchange project involving organisations in Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia and Norway, all seeking to develop young leaders and thus strengthen their organisational and political capacity on the local, national and international level. The exchange’s main focus is on sustainable agro-ecological production, food sovereignty, and women’s- and indigenous rights. The exchange aims at strengthening the bonds of solidarity in the struggle for global justice.

The exchange partner organisations CONAVIGUA, CUC, MST and CNA all operate in democracies where basic rights are threatened: freedom of speech, and freedom to organise and mobilise for political change are under pressure. Under these circumstances the need for international solidarity has both political and organisational dimensions. Working in a challenging social context, solidarity across borders has proven vital in pressuring governments, denouncing human rights abuses, and strengthening the organisations by inter-contextual learning. For LAG, the basis of its existence is the ability to connect with Latin American social movements and their struggles.

The project is an integral strategy of all partners, encompassing both individual, organisational and societal dimensions of our work. By maintaining and strengthening the projects, the partners develop young leaders’ organisational capacities, technical skills and political understanding of how to work for global justice. Also the unity and solidarity between the partners and networks are strengthened.