Through the YESS Girls Movement, 40 young women take part in exchanges every year between 13 organisations in Africa and Asia. The objective of the project is to empower the women to become influential citizens who use their voices for the benefit of their local communities. It does so by helping participants to learn about major global and local issues, which will help the young women when organising their own campaigns, projects and mass communications.

The YESS Girls Movement exchange project enables the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) to reach girls and young women in new areas. Through a range of key initiatives, such as the annual “Yes! Girls Can” campaign and the “Red Pride Menstrual Hygiene Education Programme”, the projects put the spotlight  on social issues that affect young women in particular, and to eliminate taboos surrounding important topics. The girls take part in a range of programmes such as “Welcome to my world”, an initiative which reaches out to girls and young women in remote rural areas and recruiting them to join the Girl Guides movement. The objective is for these new members to be inspired to work on these key issues in turn.